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G'day from Brisbane Australia to all you kindred spirits! My name is Alain and I've been smoking Cigars for the past twenty years or so. My present favourites are the Partagas P & D Series and a nice HdM Double Corona for Sunday Evenings (a ritual for nearly five years now).

I had the dubious pleasure of meeting El Presidente a few weeks ago and he suggested I stop lurking and introduce myself.

I've been building bespoke, handmade humidors for the last fifteen years and I'm happy to have delivered them from Brunei to Paris, from the Emirates to Moscow.

Rather than posting any pictures of other peoples humidors, I thought I might be able to make a contribution to FOH and document in words and pictures the next two humidors I make. I work pretty much exclusively with hand tools so anyone with a straight eye will be able to follow along and make their own!

The first humidor will be a simple box. The next one is the humidor I've wanted myself for years, but never had the time to build.

So if the members think this may be of interest, give me the word and I'll get onto it!



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Gday Folks,

I guess the I's have it. (Jeez, what have I gotten myself into...I'm going to have to clean up the workshop).

CigarHead, I'm planing two of them, the first is a tasting humidor that's getting installed into the tool chest (i'll never finish building) and the second is more a piece of furniture styled after some of the chests designed by E.J. Ruhlmann in the 1920's who was (I think) a leading light in the art deco movement. Anyway, my Grandfather worked for him as an Ebiniste and he taught me everything I know (and about 1/20th he knew), so I'm a little biased. This will really be a one-off, labour of love.

The tasting Humi for downstair will only take 20-30 sticks, the big one upstairs will take ~200+ sticks (probably, haven't put the design down on paper yet).

I guess it sounds a little strange to put a humidor into a tool chest, but it's got a cup holder already, so why the hell not? I'll post a picture of the beast in the next couple of days. It may make better sense then.

Anacostiakat, I have had some experience with refrigerated boxes although I'm not planning one this time around. Do you need a hand with something? Oh, and Aaarrrghhh to you too! :-D

For the sake of a follow along tutorial, I'll do the first one with a minimum of hand tools only and leave the table-saw and jointer out of it. That way, anyone with a mind to can build their own (and believe me, you really can).

Along the way, if there's any interest, I could try to explain the difference between good and bad humidors (based on my experience of building a couple of hundred) if anyone is interested...

All the best,


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