Hello from Sweden


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» Hello everybody !


» Swedish newbie here, 45 years, 3 kids, carpenter.


» Nice to see you all !


» Leffe

Tjena Leffe(sort of hello in Swedish)

So who is letting all those Swedes in :-D

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» Welcome to FOH Leffe.


» Care to take a moment to tell us a little about your cigar smoking likes

» and dislikes? Always good to have another International member among us.


» Cheers mate!


Well, I havent smoked for so long but I´ll tell you some of the ones I liked and some I didn´t.

Liked :

Erdm PC from -97

Erdm Demi Tasse

Cohiba Siglo 1

Cohiba Exquisitos

I haven´t really tried out any of the "great ones" but I´ll get there

Padron 2000

Maria Mancini Magic Mountain Maduro

Rocky Patel -90, -92

Carlos Torano S.C.


Connie 9,17,25,70,72,84 all maduro

Didn´t like :


Avo, only tried small sizes

Thats it so far but since I only have smoked cigars for 8 months I have all those wonderful moments still ahead of me ! :-D


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