1965 Corvette

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I thought I would share a few pictures of my new baby which I obtained this past weekend. She is a Nassau Blue '65 with the 327 CID/365HP engine, factory a/c, leather, power windows, and power antenna. Enjoy.










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Nice car good luck and enjoy your new toy..

1965 trivia...

L76 327ci 365hp Engine 5,011

Side mounted exhaust systems first appeared in 1965.

The first major tire size change in Corvette history occurred in 1965. Tire size changed from 6.70x15 to 7.75x15

While the 427 was developed first, the 396 went into the Corvette, Chevrolet, and Chevelle in 1965 due to a GM policy restricting them to less than 400 cubic inches.

The 1965 396ci 425hp engine option lasted only one year.

1965 was the first year to have two separate hoods - the smooth small block hood and the big block hood with a "power bulge."

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