My new Humidor.....

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» A work of art, congratulations! What model is it?

» :hungry:

Aristocrat THC MTX (or MXT) it is 60 inches high by 40 wide by 27 deep...but with the added insulation, it nets only 21 cubic feet of storage. I have some room to grow, but with all the Czar specials, I need to be more selective on which ones I participate in....:rotfl:

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I've named the new humidor, College Fund.....gotta make a deposit into the college fund this month.......unless one of my kids is smart enough to get into Havard, I should be able to keep it well stocked....:rotfl:

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That is a beaut...I have one coming exactly like it I think. I got the Cooled Mxt, full ext. shelves, raised panels, crown etc. in dark red mahagony. Id love to see a pic of yours w/ the doors shut.

How many boxes do you have in there so far?

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» Bob Staebell original.....Temp and Humdity Controlled


Absolutely Fantastic - This USA equipment is to die for.

My only criticism is that its already too small!!! :-D

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