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  1. I was there in May and was able to bring two bundles of customs, but my traveling companion almost had his taken. He paid a small fee $20 US and no further issues. It's a game they play, since he spoke the language he was able to plead his case. My suggestion would be to pack your cigars in your checked bag.
  2. I've used a Colibri Tranzpack since they first came out, never had an issue. Don't know if they sell them anymore, but cheap insurance if you can find one.
  3. There is a picture of my humidor on my profile page which is a number of years old. I try to stack cigars by like sizes to try to maximize how many boxes I can fit in. I usually play rack and stack when I get any new boxes. If I have a box with five or less cigars I'll put bands on with date and box code and they go in the singles draw. I used to have two coolers as well, but I'm cutting back a bit in preparation for a move.gallery_1414_266_67510.jpg
  4. Smoking from a box of TEB MAR 08 and they are indeed worth it. If you can find any POS from 07, now those were stellar!
  5. Been a while since I've been on, like the ashtray and would be interested in one.
  6. Just logged on after a long break. Sorry to hear of Van's passing, may he rest in peace.
  7. Had a great time meeting new friends and seeing all my old friends, It was great seeing Lisa again and meeting her friends. We missed seeing Jimmy as he got stuck elsewhere. Lisa took a few pictures, so maybe sometime soon she can post them.
  8. Just nine days left, please update the thread if you are attending.
  9. Only if you wear your smoking jacket and silk pajama bottoms with them! We are set for the 19th, I have a reservation for 30. Please confirm that you are going so I can adjust the size of the party.
  10. Good to hear that the waters are starting to recede. Thoughts and prayers for all, truly some very sad news.
  11. On the sneaker front, if your shoes are light colored and have any stripes to them they can be picky. Just a point to remember since it has been an issue.

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