Top 2 Double Corona\'s

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» » What do you think are the best two DC out their as far as flavor and

» » complexity.


» I am VERY surprised that no one has mentioned Partagás Lusitanias yet.


» Also I like Ramón Allones Gigantes

That was on my list along with the RyJ Ex #2 LE 2000 but he said two.

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I always enjoyed a well aged Hoyo de Monterey especially, from a cabinet of 50, as they seem more select, and the Cohiba Esplendido, again with the proper age.

I Prefer the rich and creamy texture of the Montes, and Cohibas, they have a more subtle and sweeter taste vanilla, caramel, coffee, cream etc.

I find Lusitanias, Bolivars end even Ramon Allones Gigantes to contain too much ligero, which makes for too powerful a smoke.

The Trinidad Funadore, although technically not a Dbl. Corona, has the best flavors when aged properly, I believe that it is considered a lonsdale though...

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My vote is for the SLR DC and BCG. Smoked a Lusi the other day and while good it was a little to mild for me. I have some 01 Punch DC's on the way so looking forward to those.

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