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Cuban Davidoff or Dunhill. Of course those 1492s would be damn nice! Bolivar GM wouldn't be too far behind (not the new release).

Also, I've never had a custom rolled, so I think something by La China, Hamlet, etc would be nice.

Regular/Newer production:

Sublime, Monte A, PSP2, Trini Robusto Extra, VR Don Alejandro

If I had to pick ONE it'd be Davidoff Haut-Brion or Dunhill Estupendos.

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Cohiba 35th. :-P

I have had a few 80s Davidoffs and not to my likeing. Very mellow with sweet wine taste.

Yes, I know that is the cigar that most want , but not me. Just look at it this way, more for everyone else.:-D

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Funny, we actually talked about this yesterday at our herf in Baltimore.

While I have not pursued it, I would one day like to try a Cuban Dunhill or Davidoff. I am not ready to save up my money for one yet, but one day. There are others as well like the Sancho Panza Dorados, Bolivar Gold Medal (either original or 2005 release), or the La Escepcion Cazadores Miramar.

If I could only pick one of the above, I would probably say the Dunhill Cabinetta (sp?).

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I would like to try a 10 year old Montecristo No2. Having read/heard so much about aged cigars, I would like to see what this Marca/Vitola tastes like at this stage.

Would love to someday try a cigar that was made fresh... that day in the factory!

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