New Requirements for Travelers to Cuba Starting January 23rd.


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It looks like Cuba is attempting to move all the Customs, Medical and Immigration data to an online format. In theory, its a great idea. In a country with spotty 3G service and weak infrastructure at the airport, its a disaster waiting to happen. When you get 5 or 600 hundred people packed into T2 waiting for 3 or 4 flights, plus another couple hundred waiting for their bags and the internet just doesn't work sometimes. It was always a pain in the butt finding a spot to fill out the old blue paper forms, but at least it gave you something to do during the long wait for your bags. 

I'll be in Cuba just before the festival, so I'll be trying it out then. I will be screenshoting, printing, emailing and painting the required QR code to several places before I leave the states. If anybody uses this new form/website in the next month, let us know how it works!

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I have filled out the d'Viajeros form twice now online for entry to Cuba. The form went online and optional about October '21. Many people still don't know it's required though. I've been sending the link to people I know going to the festival. People I'd like to see.

It's easy, less than 10 minutes, once you know your flight details, seat number etc. As far as I remember it has to be within 48 hours of travel.

Print it out before leaving the house, in case you can't access it on your phone when you arrive.

There are officials supposedly checking it just before the immigration queues. I walked past them by mistake last November as I was hurrying to the shortest immigration line. I always go to the VIP/Diplomatic line at immigration. I have a VIP jacket. Nobody called me back to check a QR code. Nothing happened.

Fill it out though. It's easy. One tip, if you are carrying less than $5,000USD don't write anything in the currency box. Nothing is required there if you have less than $5,000.

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Awesome. Thanks for the info Andy. I'm scheduled to land on the 21st, hoping to get in before the festival Rush. I've always found the airport staff in Havana to be nice and helpful, but I wouldn't want to show up without this. 

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I've filled out this form several times. It is easier on the laptop than the phone. It is not required to enter the country as they are still doing the paper forms. However, the airlines AA, SW wont let you check in unless you show them the QR code. So you should do it the day before, dont think they allow it 48 hours before. There are many fields that you dont have to enter anything, as Andy said unless you have more than $5K leave it blank. For us yanks, country of origin is USA so dont be looking for EEUU or Estados Unidos. Terminal 3 or 2 is Jose Marti in Havana. Much of the questions are repetitive. At the end of the filling out the form you can look at the QR code and take a screen shot. They will also send you an email. I dont suggest you download anything from these people as you dont know what virus you are setting yourself up for. Also, if you use your phone in Cuba when you are deplaning, you will see on your phone that they are asking you to download the D'Viajeros app. You might have to shut it off a few times to get it to go away. I think this is another potential for one of their viruses. The QR code you show it to the nurses before immigration and to customs on the way out. Sometimes they dont even look at it. Once you leave the customs area there is no use for this info and I delete it all. The CUP is at 160:1 for USD, slightly less for Euros. The CUP is stills spending well in paladares and Melia Habana is the only hotel taking CUP that I know of. In T2/3 in the duty free now you can pay for items in USD. John      

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