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  1. This was from a month ago. Custom rolls are from Alex panatela and piramide.
  2. Welcome to FOH. I reside in West Palm. I also have been to Cuba several times.
  3. I will be there Feb. 28 to March 1st. I am trying to attend final night Gala.
  4. I just left Havana 1:1 is the going rate easily. Several places we went people were asking us if we wanted to exchange money. I would suggest only exchange what you are going to spend. Once you enter airport almost impossible to get rid of CUC, once you get passed sercurity they do not even accept CUC anywhere or at dutyfree. They only accept USD and other foreign currency.
  5. The la casa we stayed at the owner would exchange our money for us. Last year it was .92 on the dollar this past June it was .95. So this weekend I should expect 1:1 ??
  6. Hey I’m going this weekend I hear the exchange rate has been in favor of the US dollar. I usually get .95 on the dollar. On your last trip did you find this to be true?
  7. Thanks! Should I let the unit run while seasoning? I’ll send pics when finished
  8. Hey Hollywood I’m about to order a whytner 251. I wanted to know the best way to season this device? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ??
  9. No I did not. At the airport on the kiosk you select support for Cuban people, then you pay for Visa and check into your flight as you would any other flight. Your supposed to keep an itinerary 5 years after trip. To date no one I know has had to submit there itinerary.
  10. The agent asked my purpose and I told him support for Cuban people he replied okay have a good night. No problems.
  11. You can still go. Just go under Support for Cuban People. I just left Cuba Sunday night.
  12. Hey I’m new to FoH, I really enjoy the information that is shared between BOTL.

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