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  1. In T2 this weekend there was MC #1/Edmundos in the 11 Euros range, TTT Esmeraldas 16+ Euros, TTT Coloniales 10+ Euros. No Cohiba unless you want super small sized mini, short, club. Water was very difficult to find. Power went out 3-4 times in the middle of the night in a casa particular. At one point it was me vs 1000 mosquitos. Had to walk around the block chugging Bucaneros at 2am to keep them off me. John
  2. Tough to find water lately, even at the airport. John
  3. In the T3 shop I asked what the price was on PSD4, the bottom of it said $265. One clerk referred me to another clerk and said, wait that's not the price. She played with the calculator briefly and now the new price was $321. Old Havana tricks...John
  4. I saw 7 HUpmann Magnum 56 jars in T3 for 1090 Euros by gates B7 and B8. These are 20 cigars. John
  5. Sewage water coming in through the shower drain in a lot of homes. Some people that risked driving in those storms drowned in their cars. Lines continue for food, gasoline, diesel is scarce. But on the bright side I saw HUpmann Jars of (20) Magnum 56 for 1090 Euros in T3. They had 7 of them in the kiosk between gate B7 and B8 in T3. John
  6. The MC Double Edmundo and No 2's are still holding in the 12 Euro range in 25 cigar dress boxes and 15 tubos petacas in T3 in Havana this weekend. I also saw Partagas Serie P2 in T3 10+ Euros, so not that bad yet. Many places you have to pay with a card as they dont have change. John
  7. These rules have been in place for quite some time (years). Nothing has changed. The only thing they did was get more specific about the labels and feria humidors. John
  8. Not sure if I have mentioned this before and its a tidbit useful only for US passport holders. Inside the US Embassy in Havana ("Oficina de Interes") there is a ATM machine that will give you USD. For a while access to the embassy was emergency only, but it seems they will be loosening things up. Dont know the fees or limits but its a reasonable plan "B". Travelers from other countries might check their embassies to see if these services are available as well. John
  9. Miami has a lot of interesting art, some is likeable some is just plain weird. This one was on NW 72 St and 7th Ave, a marginal part of town, likely a Haitian artist. Could not tell you what the business was but it went bankrupt (Gee I wonder why). As I drove by, I said to myself them boyz is smokin a culebra! John
  10. TSA lines can be avoided if one of you goes in a wheel chair. John
  11. I see myself in a few years flying out to Hong Kong, in the middle of a Typhoon, trudging through the swamps, with a flashlight, finally to make it to the almighty Swisher Sweet factory. There I find the custodian at the back door and say "I have $1000 for a 5-pack, Cherry Sweet if you have them". He says: "Nah brah, those are $1500". John
  12. In T3 this weekend there was quite a bit of Partagas Series P, and MC Double Edmundo (12.35 Euro) and No 2's (12.60 Euro) in dress boxes. So the prices are somewhat the same. There was also quite a bit of No 2's in petacas of 15 Tubos. Only Cohiba I saw was Siglo I in petacas, the rest was mostly purito, mini and the like. John
  13. Local news in Miami just reported of an explosion of the Saratoga Hotel in Havana, Cuba. For those that don't know this hotel its a stones throw from the Capitol building. Speculation is that it was due to liquid propane/gas being installed at the facility. No news if there were guests/locals injured. The images of the hotel show the mid-level rooms being gutted out 911 style. More information is sure to come. Such a nice hotel. This is all they need. John
  14. If you want to be naive about the Chinese capabilities to consume/assimilate economies then have it. They have no rules, they get you when you are weak. Slowly they absorb more and more of your market, especially premium products. I saw it for my work, 20+ years ago in the Caribbean consuming and destroying small selective markets. The same 20+ years ago I saw Chinese running around Havana with lists looking for master cases. Its different now, there are 1000X players with those lists. Those are front door sales. If you know anything about Cuba, the back door is always open. The people are starving, its not rocket science. John

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