Aussie Wine Fans? Any Good?

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definitely and definitely at this price. current release about $125 here. bailey carrodus was supposedly the ultimate grumpy old man/pioneer of the yarra valley - i met him once and he was anything but though there are many stories. tiny production, large demand, the wines have always sold out and been collectors' faves. bailey passed in 2008 so that might be from a period where the transition was still taking place and while, if i recall, 2010 was a very good year in the yarra, not sure how it has travelled. sarah crowe took over about five years ago and the wines never better. she has won winemaker of the year and the winery, best in australia and so on (i know those things often mean little but these are from people like halliday who takes it seriously). but i would definitely give that a crack. especially at that price. it will be shiraz with a dollop of rhone whites. the No 1 is the Cabernet and probably has a slightly higher reputation but both have many fans. 

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Yep, concur with Ken. Definitely worth snapping up whatever they have at that price. I have a few bottles of the No.1 and No.2 in my collection.

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