Partagas: de Luxe vs Petit Coronas Especiales vs Super Partagas


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I ordered a box of Super Partagas, it just came down to it being the size I prefer the most of the three I mentioned. I'll report back in a few months :)

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I smoked a Super after about 2 weeks of resting, a 21 box I believe (not feeling motivated to go upstairs right now) and I was floored by how integrated and enjoyable it was. I know these were a lot cheaper a few years ago but I was really happy for $6/stick, I don't think I could come close in an NC for that price.

It had a tiny bit of a bitter cardamom/coriander edge but I'm hoping that smooths out with some time.

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De Luxe are absolute garbage. Never has a cigar been less aptly named. Duty free trash. Same with Coronas Senior & Junior. Barf. 

The PCE has typically been regarded as the best of the small Partagas by a notch over the long term and seems to have the lowest production. I would put the Mille Fleurs, Aristocrats, Habaneros and Super Partagas on about the same level although any of them could have the advantage batch to batch. 


On 2/21/2022 at 5:21 AM, NapaNolan said:

why are the Capitols roughly double the price of these 3?

The Capitols are a huge step up in quality from the small offerings. It's a real Partagas PC that can compete with the Shorts. Unfortunately the price is awful. I wanted to just get a couple singles in Cuba but they would only sell them in the 5 tins so I passed. Didn't want 5 at that price. 

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