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  1. I'm shit, but enjoy playing with someone who is a similar level to me
  2. I think you mean negative pressure for the cigar room itself
  3. Never tried tasting pesticide before... As for a fix, don't lick your lips? All jokes aside, how old is the stick? Is it a cuban or NC?
  4. Never had one, but love the Partagas Habeneros.
  5. Also maybe check the calibration on your humidity control system? Either via getting another digital hygrometer or calibration of the one built into your control, they can drift over time.
  6. This Cigar is at least 10 or 12 years old, my pops gave me his old humidor, already a little dried out, scratch that very dried out, some falling apart, some sticks better cared for, at least this came in a tubo, this is one of two that were in there. 1/3 starts off slightly harsh, what are the effects of cigars drying out? Also this was precut, the other one I have isn't, I remember always being told that it was bad to cut the cigar too far before smoking it( anyone else ever told this?). It have a Transitions into graham crackers then that with cream now some nuttiness coming along, pretty mild so far, just keeps going on this line for a long while. Middle of the 2/3 transition to oakiness and burnt marshmallow - getting a whole campfire vibe, ramping up to a medium now, enjoying this now Touch of mint coming in after a few minutes, Impeccable construction so far. Last 3rd starting to get some smoked meats notes, wrapper starting to split but still smoking fine, more smokiness like a scotch but not a ardberg or laphroaig now starts to transition to creaminess w/ nutmeg at the last inch and a half for a few puffs, then back to mild smokiness, last inch getting some mushroom notes Honestly this was a hell of a lot better then I thought it would be, one of the more interesting cigars in recent memory and seems to have held up in its age - 9/10 I've never had a Cohiba, well that's a lie a mate in HS gave me a puff off one of his once, but I never got the hype. I don't think the flavour profile had ever appealed to me until recently, when it started to sound like a interesting/unique profile, but there are so many other cuban marcas out there that also have unique profiles that I've been far more interested in trying, Juan Lopez, Rafeal Gonzalez, Sancho Panza, PL, etc basically all of the esoteric stuff before it gets discontinued. That and the price of a Cohiba never mind a box of the bastards being something I could never even think about spending on cigars at this point in my life. A cheers to @Habana Mike probably wouldn't have thought about smoking this if it wasn't for you. RIP
  7. Bacon, I could eat a pound or more of it in one session, especially if its the perfect level of crispiness. That and I love fresh bread from a good bakery.
  8. Great Album, some interesting info is he walked and talked with the inmates. And unfortunately there is very little visual evidence, and no video at all of this performance
  9. Never had one, but the price never made much sense to me, on a per cigar price they don't seem to be that much cheaper then the other brands lower/smaller vitolas, when everyone seems to tout them as being a value brand.
  10. Ah, far more likely I'd lose it then have it last until I die.
  11. As the title says, I've got a cigar cutter that is getting a bit dull, and yes its a pretty cheap one but I've had it a long time, and I'm a cheapskate/broke and a DIYer, then I thought anyone ever used a file to sharpen one of these suckers? Or another tool? Looking for good advice or to be made fun of
  12. Bolivar Coronas Junior couple of weeks ago, was after smoking a HDM Marie
  13. Forgot to post these earlier. From last week at the Vabajo Lounge, LCDH in Frankfurt Germany. Quite sparse on the ground it seemed, only one type of Cohiba, siglo 2's. Ask any other questions and I will let you know what I remember. Basically no big cigars, mostly smaller/lower cost smokes.
  14. Well I would take some photos today in Dusseldorf but all cigar shops seem to be closed on Sundays.
  15. I'm visiting both Frankfurt and Dusseldorf to look at some schools this week, but will be spending most of my time in Frankfurt. Looking for some recommendations for things to see, cultural, food wise, great bars, music venues. But mostly things that won't break the budget.
  16. Cleveland used to be the center for cigar manufacturing in the US before Tampa became so. One of the arcades(of the shopping variety) in the downtown Cleveland has a cigar stand that was built into the stair case that looks to be at least a 100 years old. I have a picture some where.

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