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some ones probably going to slap me upside the head for even bringing this up, but what's your favorite cheap and cheerful non-cuban?

this is a deep topic due to clearance of non-cubans and such, but I think it's still very interesting!

in current production, I really like Padron Delicia's, out of production, that I snagged many boxes on clearance, I like Ventura cigars Dream State Robusto made at Kelner's occidental factory.

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There are so many that go on clearance sales--and then disappear....so leaving those out, a couple of "house cigars" that have been around for years and are still around and are very dependable yard gars--(I am not listing the vendors but they are found easily enough in a search.)

--***** Nicaraguan Selection 5000

--Old Henry (all solid but the maduros are more in my wheelhouse)

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For the price and the quality, Tatuaje (almost anything by Pete Johnson IMO) is remarkably reasonable and enjoyable.  Had a Skinny Drac yesterday and was very impressed with the flavor (considering the price).  Also wow’d by the new Avions, which (I believe) will improve greatly with time.  

Yes, yes, entirely missing the twang we all love.  But for <$10 a stick, quite a set of flavors.


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