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  1. 60”, but this Deere is ancient and I cannot bring myself to buy another until it does the big kaboom. Takes me about 2 1/2 hours to do everything
  2. One of my own freehand hand rolls while a mowed and an after dinner RyJ coronitas after dinner smoke.
  3. Le Hoyo de Maire. Probably the smallest hand rolled I’ve ever tried. Not too shabby imho.
  4. Not sure how long this has been in the humidor. Yellow cello.
  5. Spot on. I do regret not holding onto some early NC LGCs to see what they would do with time. Oldest NCs in my humidor are probably around 10 years and Feunte products. Most have disappointed with that much age. Something around 1 in 10 will wow me though.
  6. I think it’s been debated enough here that you can’t compare apples to oranges, but several NC’s are on my rotation as often at CC. Padron 1964 line cannot beat beat imho for quality, consistency, and bang for buck. I’ve loved that line for well over 10 years. Other honorable mentions would be Feunte Anejo and Between the Lines series, but I do feel the quality has waned over the years on them. Love or hate, I like the Nub Hananos. Have love for aged My Father and Opus as well, but they need to sit quite a few years for me.
  7. A handful of customs. Dipping my feet slowly into this game.

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