Your cocktail recipe of choice ?

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Negroni of course. It’s easy. Equal parts Aperol (or Campari) Gin and Sweet Vermouth. usually served with one large ice cube and garnished with an orange slice. This is my favorite as it is

I'm not intending to enter the draw, however I'm happy to share my recipes for some of my favourite cocktails below... The Sazerac Cocktail The first thing I do is to start with the Absin

Not entering the draw, but just wanted to add this as it's a winner A 'Paloma' does it for me 2x shots of Reposado Tequila 1x tablespoon of of Agavero liquer or Agave necter

On 4/6/2020 at 5:09 PM, ATGroom said:

I have heard some advocate for Chartreuse with cigars - seems like it would overwhelm and kill the palate if you ask me, but I've never tried it so I can't really say. If you are part of the Chartreuse camp though you might enjoy my favourite night ending cocktail, the Last Word:

-1 part gin
-1 part Chartreuse
-1 part maraschino
-1 part lime

Shake well and serve in a float glass. I like to put a homemade maraschino cherry (ie, much less sweet than store bought) in the bottom. If you free pour it maybe go a little lighter on the gin and the lime and a little heavier on the Chartreuse and the maraschino.

It's a bitter sweet herbal complex drink. It tastes very strongly of booze, and so is for serious drinkers only. 

There is also a Final Word variation which replaces the gin with whiskey (Canadian Club whenever I've done it) that is a bit sweeter.

There is also a Fernet About It, which replaces the gin with Fernet Branca, and is getting into the "drink on a dare" category of beverage. It can hit a certain spot for the right kind of masochist though.

This one almost made my list. There is a drink called the Comanche Club that you basically make by dumping a last word and a negroni together into a shaker, reshaking and then straining into two glasses. Absolutely amazing if you are a fan of either cocktail.

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On 4/8/2020 at 10:21 AM, BeerPimp said:

I will say that if you are looking for ice sphere molds get the ones that come with a cooler that you put them in.   It slows the freezing process so you get super clear ice spheres. 



This is one of the ones I froze.


Nice idea.

The one problem I have with ice cubes is that they dilute the alcohol.

Oh, and there are always a few -- I like to call them eejits -- who will put ice cubes in their single malt, for which the only suitable punishment is tying them to a chair and force-feeding them raw haggis while playing a medley of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical tunes on the bagpipes.  

YMMV, of course...

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