Cohiba Lanceros 12 (CRW)

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Pictured beside a Partagas SD Connoisseur 1



Had these for awhile now. Single stick from a 2012 box!! My brain automatically hypes these up to the ceiling!

Magnificent looking stick over all, though nowdays can be a little too thin (I prefer the fundies size)


Lit it with matches as I really wanted to savor the whole experience.





First puffs toffee? toasted toffee definitely. With some burnt wood shavings. Draw is good thankfully. Smoke production just about average.

Midway through the first 3rd the cuban twang comes in. With everything settling down harmoniously. Stillll...  at this point I wonder to myself if this is as good as the cigar will offer?


Second 3rd had me pushing the cigar a little harder, and it gets harsher. There is a 'thinness' about the flavour that is quite off putting. Push the cigar, it gets harsh, take it slow and the burn doesn't continue. Struggling at this point. Over-burnt nuts, roasted hay, toasted wood shavings, and a Cuban-twang-on-a-hot-mid-summer's-day-in-Melbourne. For those who have not yet experienced a super hot Aussie summer day, yeah....  its not pleasant mate...


Final 3rd had a little sweetness coming back. But that soon got reaally bitter too. Bittersweet stuff. Things got really dark and earthy, loamy. I thank the cigar gods for this opportunity and put the cigar down to rest....  forever....


Final Thoughts: 86-91 cigar. Could have been a great smoke, but not the best example of a CoLa. Pity...  the oldest CoLa I've had... :(

Moral of the story: Don't buy singles of aged or significant sticks...  buy a box..  sample a few...  age the rest...  Your eager and passionate soul does not deserve to go through the Cuban Roulette.




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