Sancho Panza non plus/ Talisker single malt whisky pairing

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I was fortunate enough to have the winning bid on the auctions for a box of some nice Sancho Panza Non Plus (BOR ABR 16) so I decided to pair the saltiest cigar I know with the saltiest whisky I have and voila here we go: 

First pull was all driftwood. Mellow sourdough bread with a distant salty dulce de Leche aftertaste. Buttery brioche.  Now that the first third is on the go, the tally is poured.  I like pairing things with one mutual taste and seeing where it goes and the Talisker finishes with the taste of the sea. Salty, wind swept and creates carmelized sourdough crust when followed by a pull off the panza.  When the Talisker is followed by the panza its sea salt from the Scottish isles caremelizes the smoke like two recipes given a new Cuban Scottish identity. Like distant relatives who notice things similar after spending some time after first meeting. The Panza is very breadlike in part 2, custardy and savoury like French toast and when the palette gets hit with the scotch it’s like a flame across the top of creme brûlée. Carmelized sugar and salt. And the cool syrupy remnants of flame as the Panza finishes where it started.  Driftwood.  Now scorched by the great single malt of the Talisker.



what are your favourite whisky/cigar pairings??  



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