Day 2 Amicigar

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Amalfi Coast:
Great country
Great scenery
Great food and wine
Cigar friendly

Must go one day

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Thank you to all participants, sorry for not updating earlier but ElPrez was in charge here and he stop at day 2. Maybe was drinking too much. I add some extra photo's....83c75dac-deb8-4e99-af53-6f79bb95408e.thumb.jpg.125692e069c8aa4d655a54430eaf6188.jpg1883c6e1-5fa8-488f-af67-9f3198d0f247.thumb.jpg.0416b7b3b37a87dd07282878d31dda34.jpgIMG_5553.thumb.jpeg.f5fe6ae3019c9b6d4e0a5ae208665968.jpeg90d239de-f6de-42cb-8d70-c98f2eedb287.thumb.jpg.ac83cf16d4e2b957568a8f46b6d3cfd6.jpge079f588-5e27-4d75-85a2-5595d0666651.jpg.1dda379cc0429ae6b9a0889fbcc9a2a8.jpg


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On 6/15/2019 at 3:06 AM, El Presidente said:


Thank God it only goes for four days..:D

Started with a craft beer from Francesco who makes his own fantastic brews and has an insatiable appetite to take on the world. I bet he makes it. 




It's so much darker than Natural Light- how do people stand it?



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