Barcelona Day to Kill

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In a couple weeks I will have a full day in Barcelona with the family.  Where should we go and where should I hunt for some good stogies?

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Gimeno is the one everyone mentions—you have to ask to see the humidor downstairs. There’s a tobacco shop every few blocks, usually with a small humidor. Provided it’s not on a Sunday, it’s worth just wondering around as you see the tourist sites and stopping when you see a shop.

Other than that El Corte de Ingles tobacco shop actually isn’t bad—it’s in the basement. Close to all the touristy stuff, there’s one in Placa Catalunya and one in Eixample.

I’m sure there are nice finds if you dig, but most of the stock is pretty new. It’s not like it was a few years ago in Europe where you’d just roll in and find 20 year old stock. Even Andorra is cleaned out except for HU PCs. 

Edit to add—Estanc Duaso, if you happen to be near it. For regionals, just the LGC D5s (I think 75€ per 10) right now, but they also have a fair number of jars if you look around (Gimeno just has the HU Mag 50 jar, Estanc Catedral has the Partagas P2 jar, etc.). You’ll see a lot of cigars with a second “Sevilla” band—those are singles from the jars. Right now there’s also a special 10 count box of aged Monte Edmundos celebrating the bullfighter Morante de la Puebla for 200€ everywhere.

Also, nothing worthwhile at the Barcelona airport—either terminal.

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Downstairs at Gimeno is very nice, don't let the upstairs fool you (some singles that look semi moldy).  Absolutely pick up some of the RE's, great price for good smoke.  I believe (or it's Italy) the government publishes price list so you can see what everything costs ahead of time.  LA Rambla (which Gimeno is off of) is fun, nice restaurant across the street and nearish if you like Tapas and Cava.

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Depends on the family I'd say. If I had just a day in Barcelona I would start at Gimeno and pick up some RE's, then go litteraly just across the street to La Boqueria (food market) and head to Bar Clemens (it's on the left side, way in the back) for lunch. And if you want to bring home some great wine there's a nice shop just 2 or 3 stalls away, to the right. If you got kids that are in to skateboarding I would go up 100 m on the Rambla, take a left and head for MACBA, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. It's the number one skate spot in Europe. It's a pretty cool place to just chill and have a beer. Then I would go the complete opposite way and head down to Barceloneta (the beach) with a quick stop at "1881 per Sagardi", a roof top bar / restaurant down in the harbor, smoke a cigar and check the yatchs. If you're hungry again head in to Barceloneta to "La Cova Fumada", a small hidden gem when it comes to tapas. You'll have no idea what they have on the menu so just let the guy behind the counter chose your order. If you're in Barcelona over night, don't miss El Xampanyet, a small cava bar with some great food. And take a whole bottle, it's just 10 euros.

But seriously, I could sit here all day and write stuff to do in Barcelona. I go there once or twice a year and been doing so for the last ten years. It's my home away from home. Just love the place.

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2 hours ago, Coloniales said:

Estanco Duaso every time, forget Gimeno. Jordi will look after you. 



Yeah, they've got a decent humidor, and a lot of cigar accessory-type stuff. I raided their cigar bookshelf--found a couple books I'd been looking for for a while.

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