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  1. There are some people in the US who seem to love communism and socialism. Can we just do a big swap and send them down and bring the Liberty loving American flag waving Cubans up?
  2. Yup don’t know that I care. Sports used to be about fun and not political views. So now many professional sports teams have to sleep in that bed after feeling the need to make a statement. NBA viewership was down 75%. Meh.
  3. I like the Fundies idea. How about some Romeo Churchills? How about JL2s?
  4. Funny for me, I have a couple boxes and haven’t smoked a single one yet!
  5. I go a full month prior and have never been flagged for urine or blood issues. I don’t know if there is anything to it, but always felt like getting some good workouts and sweating in would help flush it out.
  6. While I have done both, I prefer the outdoors. Breathe fresh air between tastes...helps to get the true flavor.
  7. Flip all day...a cigar is a cigar until it becomes $300 per stick. Then it becomes speculation.
  8. I love the 2 but the Corona Gorda format of the 1 is my favorite. I also think you’re more likely to get a little mongrel in the 2 vs 1.
  9. March 2016 is my oldest box. I like the idea that they are aging well since I have three or four boxes.
  10. Wow that is a big claim! I haven’t had mine long enough yet but closing in.
  11. I have always been a Romeo fan at heart ever since a friend gifted me a little RJ that blew my doors off and began my love for Cubans. But I’ve been pretty keen on JL for the last couple of years thanks to FOH. Only the 1 and 2 in the line...different from the other in size and flavor profile but both very tasty. I like that concept better than some other lines with a bunch of different vitolas and only a few to speak of being worthy. Sometimes simple is better...just two sizes...and I love them both. ???
  12. At age 50 I take supplements for keeping inflammation and cholesterol (cholest-off) down and testosterone up...which is Ashwaganda and generic DIM Complex. I eat 2 Brazil nuts a day for Selenium, psyllium husk, fish oil, and cacao nibs. Diet wise, I swap fish for red meat a lot, green leafies daily, and black beans. Creatine gets added into the mix occasionally along with L-Glutamine.
  13. Well I just bought a new and bigger humidor and now that it’s been seasoned I made the transfer of boxes. I keep a fairly good record of what I’ve bought here and there. That said, it was a good opportunity to reconcile my records with the actual inventory. I was surprised at how little Bolivars, Ramon Allones, and zero PL. Plenty of RJ, Hoyo, and HUpp along with Juan Lopez. My big surprise was that I had more JL1s than anything else...including JL2s. I love both and prefer the 1 but didn’t know I had 4 boxes. The online humi will add to things soon and there are of course some other misc boxes. Have you looked at your inventory of late and found some surprises?
  14. This may be blasphemy, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Some people have more money than sense. Others have a lot of money because they have a lot of sense. I don’t mind dropping some coin on a desirable box. But that price is not of interest to me.
  15. True in terms of the US “market.” That said, CCs can be legally purchased and brought back into the US within limits. So their thoughts on a particular CC are interesting at least. I personally like the magazine and they clearly love CCs...their aged tasting corner is almost always all Cubans.
  16. I was surprised by some of these a while back in a good time to revisit.
  17. Business has been good in 2019 so I am upgrading my cigar storage game for the new year. Seasoning has begun and the transfer will take place sometime next week. Ordered from The Elegant Bar if anyone cares. The previous humidor, fully packed, is there in the background. Now if I can just start winning a few of these auctions on FOH Auctions!
  18. My wife is crazy over the books and resort...drags me there every year. The kids have fun and I am somewhat desensitized to it now. If it makes them all happy then great. At least three of the four have fun on the trips there. LOL

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