Behike 56 bands

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A member asked this question on  a box of Behike 56 he received from a friend. 

Looks OK but the new bands  commenced in 2014 (officially). 


I have seen the new bands on 13 stock. When were the first ones seen?

Over to you guys for your input :thumbsup:


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47 minutes ago, SevyG said:

Can anyone tell from these photos if the Behike 56s are real, the box would indicate otherwise, but the cigar itself seems if it isn't authentic its a pretty good fake.







100 % fake my friend. Sorry to tell you. There should be a second Tainos "head" within the head that's holagraphic and the ending of the head is all wrong among other things. Sorry to tell you. 

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Thank you, my friend gave them to me he has someone who goes to cuba and brings them back...I'm afraid he is getting taken, but not sure how to let him know.  Who knows maybe he knew he was giving me fake cigars....anyway for me they were free.  Appreciate your help.  I just bought authentic ones online and have verified the warranty seal/number

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Tough for me to tell from pics, and I am by no means an expert in counterfeit bands. That said, to me the "BEHIKE" and "COHIBA"  looks like the embossing is flat.  Could be the pic?   

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On 5/26/2020 at 6:28 PM, tksamtec said:

Behike 52, 54, and 56 bands have been the same since their initial release in 2010.

no, they had some changes.  The security hologram was revised in late '13/early 14, and UV security features were added sometime between 2012-14.  

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