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Can’t speak for Medellin, but I do go to Cartagena every once in a while for my work.  First off, a beautiful town with so much beautiful architecture and history. I really enjoy spending time there taking in the sights. However, you are approached in the streets at night at least every 2 minutes with men carrying boxes of Cohiba’s and Montecristos’s that are the most hilarious fakes you have ever seen. I’m talking Esplendido’s with the wrapper quality of a dead leaf in my yard late November. I’m not even joking, you will be approached constantly in town and the beach, fake cigars being the most PG of all the offerings. There are a few shops that I saw, but the likelihood of authentic product is a risk I would not take. Bring your own!

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I'll ask my wife she was born and lived in Colombia until she was 8, but I doubt she'll know much. If you do find any good tips out, in particular in Bogata, please let me know as my family and I are supposed to go done there in the next year or so to visit her family.


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