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  1. 898v LMB APR 18, to my taste, the best of Cuba right here.
  2. Box of Lusis should last me a while. Any idea on the “BEL” code? I’ve not been picking up a lot of new stock lately and I’m unfamiliar with that one.
  3. Having a Blue now. Without doubt, one of my favorites.
  4. @Corylax18For sure, not only landing weight concerns but max zero fuel weight issues also. Basically everything loaded minus fuel max structural weight. Comes into play southbound regularly into Cuba, Haiti, DR etc. Gotta clean out Costco before heading back! I know I would.
  5. Was just looking at my carriers HAV flights the next few days. I noticed that the flights down are heavily weight restricted. I’m talking just over 50% of the seats are available for purchase. The amount of goods people are taking down combined with cargo must be absolutely enormous, as this is not normal (to that extreme) at all for such a segment. Not affected on the way back, as there is probably nothing down there to haul back. Might explain the high ticket cost.
  6. Both of the shops in Oranjestad are under the same management. Try to go on Friday’s when they have 3 different cigars on sale, good deals to be had.
  7. Have also heard positive feedback of the La Aurora factory tour. I’m down there more than I would ever like to be and have been meaning to hit that. They will have Opus, prob not angels share, at STI airport on the way out, at a hefty premium though.
  8. Funny because I never read them either on my days off. I’m sitting reserve this week so been following in case. The idea behind bidding reserve was to not work though!
  9. @Corylax18Thanks for the background as I truly have no idea how all that techie stuff works and the bu$iness behind it. If my schedule says go to San Francisco, I go to San Francisco 🤣. Minutes ago I got an email of pending fleet specific requirements that I will have to comb through when I finish this cigar and find my work iPad. Seems to be what you are alluding to. Although at least for tomorrow, all 5G related notice to airmen will be complied with until things are official.
  10. The A320CEO has not in any way been approved for all operations at all affected airports. I fly both CEO and NEO models. I’ve not had any correspondence regarding differences between the two. The FAA issued an airworthiness directive that pertains to ALL aircraft, except 787 which will have its own set of rules regarding Mel’s among other performance related data. All aircraft would be restricted from utilizing autoland, cat 1 SA, ILS cat2, cat 3, and Rnav rnp. That is pretty far from uninhibited ops. 1500 notams have been issued and are ready to be unleashed. Radio altimeter problems are a whole other ball of wax. It’s data is integral to so many different systems. I’m an operator, not an engineer or telecommunications expert. Airliners have been using current radio altimeter technology forever. Playing devils advocate, Why should they be forced to change a system that obviously has worked for a long time to accommodate Verizon and AT&T? Understand that I know virtually nothing about that technology! Touche on the Boeing data. I’ve got about 15,000 hours in the Bus and zero in Boeing. edit: I read the link you provided, but that information has not been communicated with me from company or union at this point in time. I’m off, so I’m just reading from my emails. I’m not out there in the workplace right now. I guess 48 of 88 airports approved but that still leaves 40. Who knows?
  11. No offense man, but this post is absolutely bs, especially regarding Airbus aircraft. You are not landing an Airbus normally, autoland or not, with a dual radio altimeter fault. Such failure takes the aircraft from its “normal” flight control law, to a degraded “direct” law. Erroneous readings could also prevent the aircraft from entering the landing logic phase if still in normal law. There are rare instances when the pilots were unable to land the aircraft due to radio altimeter errors due to not entering a landing mode. Other cases where the pilots were able to get it on the runway but not without suffering tail strikes. This is such a rare condition that 99.9% of us have never experienced outside the simulator. The RA system is crucial on Airbus family aircraft and a dual system fault/failure is a pretty big fricking deal. I’ve also never heard of the autopilot deploying the thrust reversers. This is manually done by the pilot.
  12. Scored some unicorns at the LCDH Aruba the other day. $11/stick, I’ll take it, welcome to 2022! First one delicious and fruity

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