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  1. Habanos specialist in Poblado in Medellin sells all fakes. Don’t buy there. Nice little spot to enjoy a rum or coffee and bring your own sticks.
  2. Rum I got 2 bottles of Santiago 11, pacto navio, and perla del Norte Anejo.
  3. Just came back from new Eataly at Park MGM in Las Vegas. Great food and service. Followed up with a LGC LCDH release.
  4. Just picked up a 2015 box in Havana. Hope they smoke great.
  5. Jose L Piedra Cazadores are my favorite. I smoke them often when I visit Havana.
  6. 1F72682E-EF58-44DC-AB7C-2788D55310F1.MOV 39EA4947-3D3B-4778-AF83-975019FAEA16.MOV 60912A3B-8F0A-416C-AC4A-30FECB31EF80.MOV
  7. Hey says hi! Smoking the 25th year. I rather be smoking a Habano.
  8. Fyi most sportsbooks are becoming non cigar smoking. Another vote for Caesars Palace.
  9. I’m a fan of visiting Costa Rica. ¡Pura Vida! I have visited the LCDH near the US embassy in San Jose a few times. I wanted to purchase a box of these and contacted the LCDH. I was disappointed when they said they would not ship these to me. Oh well.
  10. Cohiba Robusto from September 2011. RAL box code. My birthday is 9/11 so this cigar is very special to me. It’s smokes beautifully and has a little age on it. Cohiba DNA all the way through. Have a great weekend everyone. ????? Forgot to add the pic of me and the cigar. I’m out.
  11. Vegas - Montecristo at Caesars palace, casa fuente at forum shops, davidoff at fashion show mall.

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