cohiba maduro range - which is the pick?

cohiba maduros - your fave?   

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they've been out for 12 years. i am going to guess that secretos might take this, genios next and then magicos. i'll confess a while since i have had a magicos but had an original genios and an undefined secretos lately. loved them both. but the genios for me. 

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Yes, Secretos just ahead of the Genios from my experience. However, I've had a lot more aged than youthful varieties and sometimes they surprise you. In fact, I caught up with Trevor Leask, the founder of Cuban Cigar Website this week and we had a Magicos from 2008. I can safely say that that was the best Linea Maduro 5 cigar (so named because the maduro wrapper is aged 5 years) I've had so far.

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Haven’t had a Magicos, and they don’t particularly appeal to me, so i probably won’t. Only had 1 Genios and thought it was beautiful and tasted great, but had some construction issues and under normal circumstances too expensive to smoke regularly or for the cigar it is. Out of the secretos I have smoked: all smoked well, all were good though rarely great, and relatively consistent in both flavor and construction. All were also ugly as sin. So, a bit of a toss up, but I felt like there was some potential to that one Genios that was missing from the secretos I’ve had, so that’s the way I voted. Maybe over a larger sample size I would change my mind.

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