Romeo y Julieta Tres Petit Corona 2003 (RyJRW)

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46 minutes ago, TTP21 said:

Learn something new every day here - do you mind elaborating a bit on the concept of watering a cigar?  Is it exclusively used with well aged cigars, or are there other times where it's valuable?

  No problem :) there's are a few threads on the subject but essentially you run a pre-cut cigar under the tap, careful not to get any water into the foot. Then pat it down with kitchen paper (There won't be much water on it as it beads off) and then you cut and light as normal.

It's usually done if a wrapper is thin or fragile as it gives a burst of suppleness back to the leaf. It also seems to refresh older cigars, giving a bit of vibrancy back to the smoke, certainly something to experiment with to see how it effects the burn/taste for you 

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