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  1. Appreciate the feedback. Often my experience with NC aficionados is they limit feedback to either "it was good" or "it was bad". I've got the Lancero, mareva, and Robusto size chilling in my humi waiting for warmer weather. Last I checked my B&M still had a fair amount of stock but its been a while. The newer Cohete is excellent if you like Sumatra wrapper, highly recommend it if you haven't tried it yet.
  2. UPO ABR 20 Bolivar Royal Corona and an Epicure Especial Tubo with an unknown box code.
  3. I just saw these pop up online - new production on a pretty much ignored marca has come to fruition! Anyone tried this one yet?
  4. Such a wide range of sticks to choose from - but the challenge is they are rather costly and also play the limited supply, higher price game. My personal favorites have been the Daughters of the Wind Robusto and the cabinet Selection Rosetta. Both are reasonably priced and have been among the top of NC I've smoked.
  5. It's funny, I abandoned NC for a while when I found this place, but more and more I'm drawn to grab one from the humi. Especially in colder weather, they seem to be a little less high maintenance than my CC's. The last 9 months or so I've come to appreciate a few select sticks - Casdagli, Warped, and my old favorite, Tatuaje. This stick is supposedly a super limited release of 200 boxes of 25 and at 8 bucks per, I thought it was worth a 5 pack. 4×50, so perfect for a shorter, but high quality smoke. Apologies for the one picture reviews - I just don't have the bandwidth to snap multiple pics while freezing! Starts with a nice cinnamon sweet heat - just like big red gum. Evolves into a rich smooth, dark chocolate and dark coffee stick. White pepper and black pepper nuances throughout that are strong on the retro make me abandon that practice quickly. Primary flavors remain and are complemented by barnyard, hay, and raisin sweetness. One or two harsh puffs to speak of, but pretty smooth and consistent aside from that. Smoking this slow makes it a 91 with room to grow. I think some age will help push it to a 93-94 for sure.
  6. I made a rule - no more smoking below 50F. Then it was a rule that was contingent on wind - as long as the winds were below 6 mph, I can do down to 35F. The problem is, I never follow these rules. This stick made me wish I had. SCDLH doesn't resonate with me, but picked these up in a trade from @VKUTT and thought why not. In the 20's, another near foot to shovel after upwards of 3 already this winter and some nice wind gusts to boot! I didn't make it very far, but this stick started nicely and stayed in the realm of pancakes and coffee, bit with a bit of harshness or cheap tobacco taste throughout. I slobbered all over the damn thing and froze off my fingers while also managing to drop this stick and accidentally ash it right on my car door. Through no fault of it's own, this stick was a 7.5 out of 10 for me. Operator error - not giving a smoke a fair chance to succeed!
  7. Are all these wrappers darker than normal? I feel like I've seen darker and almost brindle wrappers more often than not with 2020 stock even with sticks that normally trend lighter.
  8. Same issue as above with not seeing access to notifications and messages. Also, I am signed in, but the menu still has "sign in" as an option. Almost leads me to believe that's why no menu shows up that's related to being logged in.
  9. Any thoughts on the CPE vs Sig 6? It seems like multiple folks think the CPE is close and I'd like to know what a seasoned Cohiba expert like yourself thinks.
  10. It was a dud. I think you can be bored by a Lusi, but flavorless is not a typical experience. Try another, and if you can get it from a different box code even better.
  11. Tubo, unknown date. Hitting a Hoyo homerun. So good.

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