RyJ Belicoso RUM JUL 17 (RyJRW)

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Not a box I had been enjoying, but maybe this one is an example of the box making a turn for the better at almost 2 years.

Enjoyed on a sunny, 70* day watching the Maple Leafs try to win a playoff series for the first time in 15 years.

1st Third - Lots of cherry - maraschino and dark cherry with whipped cream and cedar

2nd Third - Cedar moves to the front, with quality toasted tobacco and red fruit - cherry and pomegranate

Last Third - Toasted tobacco and sweet spice moves to the front, with some anise and cedar

Smoke Time: 1 hour



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I've recently finished a box of Jul 16s and they became really good at the 2 year mark. Need more...

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Agreed. I'm a little more than halfway through a TOR Sep 16 box that's just starting to shine. Time seems to help these. 

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