Campers....I need a hand

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I'm proud of my bathroom the privacy. Make sure it's not too close to your sleeping tent. ? 

When we camp by a lake or reservoir,we bring boats, fun times for adults and kids alike.



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Hope others can chime you can see, I'm a glamper LOL.

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I swear my family must be part Irish gypsy. Not real camping but we set this up each year on the Mornington Peninsula. Dual annexes, air con, hot and cold water, carpet, TV to watch the cricket. And, of course, the Aussie flag to really give it that trailer park vibe. 40 years straight.


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2 hours ago, El Presidente said:

I have always been a very average camper.  While I have taken my kids camping many times, they would be the first to testify of my penchant for taking short cuts and perhaps not always focusing upon "health and safety" issues :rolleyes:

My kids do know the difference between using kerosene, petrol and diesel to light a fire. They know full well that it is not smart to fill the boat motors fuel tank while having a cigar on your mouth. They know that if you see a venomous snake in a prime camp spot......don't shoo it away and put your tent in that spot as it is very likely to come back. Sorry Ben :lookaround:

My campsite preparation was widely appreciated by other campers as they kept pointing in what could only be admiration of our tent and tarp.  I taught each of my kids 50 ways to use duct tape, occy (octopus straps) and zip ties. I really only bought my first tool set in my 40's. They are still shiny :thumbsup:

So Di and I are off camping for a week Sunday. I will report in with a daily diary. 

For the campers among you .....can you post up some of your exploits and perhaps some camping photos.....particularly referencing your tent area. :lookaround:

I may need some reference material to fall back on. :D

Two things I have camped quite a bit in my younger days.   We didn't really have to deal with venomous snakes (nope ropes) very often.   They are only around in the western part of my state.  Also I have never heard of bungee straps called octopus straps.

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29 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

It was that, or call them, "They'll put your eye out" straps. :P

Oh shoot that really would be confusing.  Just about everything the kids try to grab is a "Put out your eye" thingy. :P 

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My solo backpack runs about 40lbs for a week.  It would be lighter but after winnowing down the weight to bare minimums, I then selectively throw back in a luxury or two: a small two man tent instead of a bivy sack, a couple of fresh eggs, a potato or two to liven up the lentil stew.  You can get crazy far on 40lbs! ?

Since the boys came along, we've been strictly car camping: gigantic, stand-up tent, 12V inflatable mattresses, propane grille, and a cooler full of bacony goodness! ?  It's about time I showed them how it's really done! :P

And most of my tents over the years have been assembled for the first time at night, on the trail, usually in the rain.  It's a manly tradition Rob! ?

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When I was young I didn’t mind sleeping on the ground but as you get older a heated bed with your own bathroom & kitchen is the way to glamp. Plus my wife said she doesn’t want to sleep on the ground anymore. 7c06f59f1099576690c27b070dd8ed68.jpgfb25631d51a8418f3f18b465c361a8bd.jpg

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The best gear investment I’ve made in a long time is a good insulated pad with a high R-value. A good nights rest is key for good times. Upgraded tent stakes are worth the cash too if you gotta deal with wind because, again, a tent ripping and moving around will make sure you get zero sleep. 

I think my worst tent placement debacle was when a colony or ants decided to relocate over my tent while I camping along a river. I woke up in the middle of the night and the light was shining through my blue rain fly with thousands of tiny ant silhouettes all around me and I leaped off the ground thinking I either fell in the river or was abducted by little green men while I was asleep. 



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Keep it simple.
entertainment (fly fishing obvs).5a8f2988aadab9238c98c9d1a9626918.jpg16904b57529d618e0acc31752cc2e88c.jpgb6cfa4ef5d86fcd89e215a9784d25d9b.jpg

Thunder & Lightening '75-'15

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