Smoking time and cigar size: how does it work?

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So last night I was enjoying a little Upman Half Corona. I’m not a particularly slow smoker, but I got a good 40 minutes out of it, and could have gone on. Lots of smoke and flavour too.

I usually get a bit more than an hour out of a Robusto, which seems way bigger. Or a bit under 2hrs for a Prominente. Seems like you get more out of the little guys! 

So what is the relationship between smoking time and cigar size? Is it really just a function of weight?

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I was smoking with a good friend of mine we each had the same cigar from the same box, lit at the same time. He finished his a good 15 minutes before me and we smoked down to the same size roughly. He drew much harder and deeper and more frequently and I did. I took my time allowed the cigar to smoke cooler, since I don't care for hotboxing so to speak.

Either way we both enjoyed the smoke.

I frequently get longer smoking times  than what is "advertised" for the same above reasons. I am just a slow smoker. :) With Petite Coronas and the like, I get a good hour smoke out of. Robusto, an hour to hour and 1/2. Anything larger you can bank on close to 2 hours minimum.


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9 hours ago, RDB said:

So what is the relationship between smoking time and cigar size?

Density/uniformity of the bunch and format length. Plus factoring-in a bit more time for smaller diameters. But otherwise, diameter is pretty non-determinant for the equation. For the same length, a wider cigar / more tobacco doesn't last longer - mostly the opposite is true, at least as far as my smoking habit is concerned.

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Ahhh the variables. I usually give 15 minute window for that. Sometimes depending on certain conditions, I will smoke faster, and sometimes slower. I CAN tell you this: I always prefer smoking much slower than the average person. You would be surprised of what flavors you will coax out by just smoking at a slightly slower pace than normal. It took me awhile to figure this out. Environmental conditions as well. Freezing temps, rain, humidity, comfortability, etc. all affect my smoking experience. Can I smoke a robusto in 40 minutes? Yes. Do I want to? Hell no. I've found that I get more out of the experience if I take 50 mins-1hr 10 mins. Do I do it every time? Unfortunately no, but I usually regret it if I smoke too quickly. 

The best advice I give people is to slow down, but more importantly, enjoy the cigar and if smoking faster makes you happy, then do that. It's all about personal preference and what gives you more enjoyment.

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