Monte 4 ASU ABR 18 MRW

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This is a fine looking, firmly packed and box-pressed, colorado wrapper Monte 4. From an oily, strongly aromatic PSP box. Toasting the foot makes it look like the tobacco is melting! Right from the off this is a powerful little smoke. Firm draw. Dark coffee and burnt cake edges, lots of peppery spice, woodsmoke, touch of cured animal fat. Good even burn. I keep looking for cocoa, and there’s a definite sweetness, but not really chocolate for me. Instead this is quite similar in nature to a recent (also young and high quality) Trinidad Coloniales: similar intensity and complexity, similar dark spicy nature. Not as exotic, but still very good, with lots of changing flavours and an underlying richness.

Then goddamnit it starts to rain! I stick it out for another ten minutes, but it’s not letting up, so after half an hour I have to pitch the cigar and retreat inside (no smoke allowed indoors). Well, half an hour of pleasure is a lot better than nothing.


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I had that last week, out in shorts then it hailed on me, dashed into the shed for half an hour then sun came out again. Bizarre weather, especially as we were snowed in last year at the same time. The peak District is usually good as the tops break the rain before it gets to me but this year....

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