Montecristo No. 1 ESL DIC 17 (MRW)

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This #1 was not meant to be...

this was a clearance 6pk from our host.  The wrapper had a similar hue to the yellow from the montecristo box but the others I’ve smoked from the 6pk smoked very well.  I like the milk chocolate flavors I get from these sticks.

I first drop it but not much damage except a little foot damage...


Thought I was lucky until I take a cold draw and it’s tighter than a mofo.  I feel the stick and it feels like a tent peg.  But I can still pull air so I go ahead and light it.


First few wisps of smoke tastes like milk chocolate.  

I fight on but trying to loosen the stick just made the wrapper crack.



I would get wisps of smoke with milk chocolate but I realize I’m smoking a 49 ring gauge filler through a 42 ring gauge wrapper and binder...




I realize now it was not worth it to continue to struggle, the whole sunk cost fallacy kept me going through half the stick.

I go ahead and unfurl the cigar to find out what was the issue...


 A big rib was bunched just perfectly to plug the stick, right below the band.

The struggle was real but it makes the good sticks even better.  I went ahead and looked for my vindication stick right after.







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