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I love to smoke. I love smoking cigars. But I will be honest I just dont on the whole get the subtle flavours or indeed the bulk of the flavour. A cigar to me inky comes into its prime in the last third.

I also smoke rolling tobacco. I suspect not taste buds are dead from this. Should I give up smoking tobacco and only smoke cigars? Do tastebuds come back?

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  Firstly at the end of the day we're all made up different and some people just 'get' tastes more than others, just the way things roll!

  It could be amount of smoking you're doing; at the absolute most I can only smoke one cigar every other day. If I don't leave at least a day between cigars then I can't taste anything. That's just how my mouth reacts. If you're going heavy on the tobacco front this could be a factor. People who smoke cigarettes say they kill off their taste buds so the rolling tobacco could be a factor on top of the frequency.

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Im the same way. Sometimes though, I get lucky and a certcan flavour will jump out at me. I'm definately finding that practice makes perfect. Guess you'll just have to smoke more cigars.

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