Cohiba Siglo III CWRC

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This was from a 5 pack, probably 2017 vintage. Purchased in Schipol airport (Amsterdam) and more fool me for not examining it properly at the time.

Pretty ugly cigar. Thick, wrinkled wrapper, rather dull. (The flash photo is flattering.) And it smoked like a dog. None of the classy Cohiba flavours we want: the sweet grassiness, the honeyed edges and subtlety. This was hot, bitter and quite flavourless. That thick wrapper burnt unevenly and needed constant correction. Not a decent cigar, let alone worth the Cohiba premium, and I put it down after 20 minutes. Shame, but a useful lesson. Wtf Cohiba!?

Postscript: after I came back inside, my partner commented on the unpleasant smell. She doesn’t smoke, but she does like smell of a good cigar, and she has a very sensitive nose... she could immediately tell this was a crappy one.


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I had about the same experience with a pack of Siglo III picked up last year at duty free in Shanghai. I decided to leave the rest of the pack at the bottom of my humidor for a long time before visiting them again. A rare Cohiba purchase for me, based on price and near unanimous belief in the need for significant down time. I don't have the patience so I've basically decided no more Cohiba purchases for me. 

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