Pillars of Manliness

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I just received four lovely cigars as a prize for one of the Czars competition (thank you very much, by the way) and thinking of something amusing to say and remembered a quote: “The only thing better than free booze is stolen booze.” Reading that, I realized that the quote does not really equate to cigars. That (or the booze) started me thinking about how men and manly women (this is not coming out right) live their lives based on the three pillars of cigars, booze and sex. Are there other pillars? Am I forgetting something? What would Hemingway say? Does a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac really lie there awake in the darkest part of the night asking “Is there a dog?”

I welcome your thoughts...

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*Uhh - in other words like this? "Hair of the dog", etc. to wake up out of my daze the previous night?




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I know that this thread is lighthearted, I think about this often; “what are the defining characteristics of a man?”. 

A couple for consideration that I’ll put forward:

1. Courage- “Courage is being scared spitless, and saddling up anyway” John Wayne 

2. Humility- “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” C.S Lewis

3. Self-control-“I cannot trust a man to control others if he cannot control himself.” Robert E. Lee

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