H.Upmann Noellas Jar LCHD MEG Mar 2017


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H.Upmann Noellas Jar (LCHD 2009)
Official HSA info:
“Its production limited to only 5000 jars containing 25 Noellas each (Girth 42 and 135 mm long) results in a very exclusive item for those who looks for perfection.
Appealing to connoisseurs who prefer a light to medium smoke unmistakably found in the brand”.
BRAND: H. Upmann
MEASURES: Girth 42 and 135 mm in the length
PRESENTATION: Glass Jar comprising 25 units, 5.000 jars
I love the Upmann, but these cigars I avoided - the small format and the high cost. Regularly I smoke the Magnum 46 and the Half Coronas. The best at the regular line - up for me is Sir Winston.
Reviews for this cigar is also rare, but it is produced though in limited quantities, but since 2009. And here by chance I came across a jar of noellas.
Outside, the jar is Packed in a beautiful cardboard box with paralon inserts that protect the glass from bumps. The glass vessel itself is a cylinder, which is covered with a glass lid on top and pressed by latches. The cover has a silicone seal and closes tightly.
Jar has a thick padding made of cedar and is good as a mini humidor. Cigars do not require acclimatization, and cigar which is wrapped in rice paper, so you can extract the first tail, was even waterlogged.
I had the option to choose between two jars: MEG Mar 17 or BRE Oct 18. As far as I understand, all noellas are made only at the Jose Marti factory in Havana. I chose the MEG Mar 17, although the other jar cigars looked very presentable too.
The appearance of cigars is very high quality, smooth and even.
At cold:
Aroma: spices, sweet alcohol, herbs. Very nice and appetizing, these cigars want to bite off.
Wrapper on different cigars from oily to semi matte, I smoked already 3 cigars and the taste is highly dependent on the oil on the wrapper, similar as Half Coronas. Color: Colorado.
Rolled of very high density, on a cut continuous tobacco, there are no gaps. Puff is a bit difficult, but I like to "extract smoke" with a little effort.
I will not divide the taste of a cigar by a third. It does not have an obvious change of taste, but has an evolution, which consists in a smooth growth of taste, smokiness and strength.
Cigar from the beginning exactly lit up and gave a good portion of juicy and fragrant smoke. Sensations in mouth very nice, there is no dryness, contrary as if you drink with cocktail straw cold milk-coffee-spicy-caramel cocktail with a bit alcohol. The smoke of this baby is dense, heavy and thick. Very fragrant. In taste there is a noble cedar.
The taste is very similar to Half Coronas in oil wrapper, the balance and depth of taste-Sir Winston.
I smoke gentle and not deep puffs, because the taste and aroma in a deep puff too much.
I accompanied Smoking with a large cup of Cappuccino, I liked this pair. Cigar has a strong taste, so it can also be accompanied by a sophisticated take strong alcohol, such as cognac.
In conclusion, I want to say that noellas is an outstanding cigar of a small format, which undeservedly has a low popularity because of the high cost and not a large format. There is a good Russian proverb: "better is less, but better", which in our case means "better a small, but saturated taste and aroma cigar, than much and tasteless."
The cigar definitely took its place of honor on my regular -5/5 stars list

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Your information is incorrect. Definitely not limited to 5000 jars. They've been "re-released" a couple of times. Definitely have to be well over 5k jars. Anyway, one of the best deals, in my opinion, that you can get in Cuba right now. Less than $5 USD per cigar. Can't beat that, and a great cigar to boot. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I love corona sized cigars too. It's win, win for me.

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Your information is incorrect. Definitely not limited to 5000 jars. They've been "re-released" a couple of times. Definitely have to be well over 5k jars.

This information is copied from the official HSA website. We all understand that this is not Limitada, and we are talking about only the first release in 2009. There was at least one more 2013 Re-Release. Regular but limited releases is a feature of all LCDH.

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