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I'm thinking about upgrading my existing display cabinet to a Swisscave CLB-388.


Has anybody on here had any experience with one? It seems there is limited choice in the UK and as my collections expands I'd like to know I am looking after it properly. Later this year we are also going to start some building work on our house, included in the plans is a cigar smoking room so that I can smoke indoors all year round and so I'd like something that makes a statement in that room too.


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I have something similar, but instead of buying a ready made one, I bought a wine cabinet (100 bottles) and made a humidifier and humidity controller using an Inkbird ITC-1000. Looks pretty much the same but was a lot less expensive. I really do like it though.

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  • 1 month later... per my knowledge on this the Premium Edition arrangement is intended for a totally straightforward, puristic appearance. This Humidor can likewise be utilized without an entryway handle, which makes it optically entirely focused. This model is online endorsed for storaging of up to 1100 stogies.

Smartracks on solicitation can be requested too. These permit ideal stogie introduction both inside and outside the humidor. Smartracks can be requested under Accessories.

pcb design for manufacturing checklist

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On 7/23/2020 at 9:08 AM, RichUK said:

Well, as usual these things take longer than planned.


Just need to finish the new floor in the room these are destined to go into. Fingers crossed that'll be done next week.


How have things gone with project?


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That Swisscave piece looks great! I'm in England too and have struggled to keep my storage from regularly getting to mid 20s°C throughout summer and with all the associated temp fluctuations. It's an awkward one for us because we don't live in a hot climate but also we don't have anywhere particularly cool in our houses!


My collection is relatively small so I recently purchased a wine fridge style humi and hoping this will lead to better and more consistent smoking experiences.


I hope the smoking room goes well mate, very jealous!! I much prefer smoking indoors unless it's warm and still outside which is a rare occurrence for us... Normally I am cigar free October to March!


All the best with your work (pictures on the result would be gratefully received!!) ?

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Morning gents, i pay particular interest to this thread as few weeks ago I purchased a Swisscave CLB388 humidor, and would be good to compare performance.. In general i cannot find a single youtube or web page with a review, and my main interest is humidity fluctuation. RichUK, perhaps drop a line when you get your ones up and running and feel free to shout if you have any questions..


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On 10/17/2020 at 3:53 AM, RichUK said:

Finally, the humidors are in place and the room is finished. Perfect year round indoor smoking now. Very impressed with the Swisscave’s so far. Put them in place, left them overnight and turned on the next morning. Has taken a few days for the humidity to settle, am starting at 65/65.


Hot damn! Looks awesome. What did you use for ventilation?

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