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  1. I'm thinking of getting in on my first tourney. Do y'all usually do a zoom with it?
  2. So sorry for your loss. My condolences to the whole family.
  3. They feel just like silk. Now the struggle with when to smoke the first one.
  4. I didn't need to, I probably shouldn't have, but when I saw them, I had to. You know? MAR AGO 20.
  5. I got a guy that can make the commercial and help bring this to market.
  6. Great quote. Especially if you know who the line was directed at.
  7. I'm pretty sure overthinking things is a prerequisite to a serious CC affinity.
  8. This is a big part of why I can't really go this route. I don't have a garage and building one (which would be awesome) would require a long permitting process, totally redoing the driveway, doing at least 30k of site work, and that's before anything gets built. Crossing my fingers this won't be an issue... we've got a three year old already and my wife still seems onboard. For now at least.
  9. Thanks, that's really helpful. Do you bring fresh air into the room or just take air out?
  10. Thanks all, great advice. Definitely sealing the room is priority 1. If I hotbox myself in cigar smoke, so be it. No one will yell at me if the basement alone is full of smoke all day every day. It's amazing what talking to a few different contractors will yield. Some say a few exhaust fans and spray foam and it'll be no problem, some give detailed math and engineering to say I need a certain amount of negative pressure and that alone will prevent seepage. Some come in with both.
  11. Hot damn! Looks awesome. What did you use for ventilation?
  12. Based on everything you all said, I hunkered down to watch Long Way Up. I didn't really know anything about the series or about this iteration of it, but I do enjoy me some Ewan and love traveling, so it's right up my alley. After the first episode of Long Way Up, I started to do some math. They go over their previous trips a little bit and talk about Long Way Down, their trip south through Africa. Back in 2007, I was in Uganda. While I was there, I did a white water rafting trip down the Nile, just outside Kampala. It was a blast. The company that ran the tours had about 8-10 boats, one of which was the group I was with. For whatever reason, every time two of the boats converged, people would talk smack and splash each other. After an hour or so of having the time of my life, a boat drifted toward us. Me and a guy on the other boat locked eyes and engaged hard in smack-talking, using our paddles to splash monsoons of Nile onto each other. The battle waged for a few minutes until the current takes the boats away from each other, and my buddy looks at me and says, "Do you know who that was?" "No." I said. He looked at me like I was crazy and shouted, "That was Obi-Wan f***ing Kenobi!" Sure enough. I managed to snap a picture (below) and will always remember the time I went toe-to-toe with a Jedi and made it out alive. Now that I'm watching Long Way Up, I realized that he was on his Long Way Down trip. Needless to say, I'll be watching that next.
  13. Hey FOH people, I'm looking at turning a pretty big room (~30'x15') into a smoking room. It's unfinished basement now so everything is on the table. I've read mixed reviews on the forum about air purifiers and so am thinking about doing an Energy Recovery Ventilator with maybe an additional exhaust fan or two. Does anyone have experience with something like this? Would you recommend it? I plan on spray-foaming the ceiling to keep my wife happy and would love thoughts on that as well. Any thoughts or advice are very much appreciated! And obviously I'll host a Baltimore herf once it's done.

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