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  1. Great to meet you Gavin. Many thanks to Rob, Rob and Ben for hosting such a fantastic evening. It was really good to meet you, chew the fat about Bond Roberts and cigars.
  2. You couldn’t have picked a better time to come, the weather has been fantastic this week and should be even better next.
  3. Mine has just arrived here in the UK, looks absolutely fabulous. Really, really pleased with it!
  4. Just ride my first ever PLMC, most impressive. I don’t normally go for such a small RG, but this cigar may change that.
  5. I smoked the first of the two that I bought to try this morning. We are away in Tenerife on holiday and I have fallen into the routine of eating breakfast and then having a smoke. Today it was the turn of the Especial. Dry draw had a hint of gingerbread to it. Started out reasonably mild, typical Juan Lopez. Flavour and strength really built up into the final third. At this point I admitted to myself it might not be an after breakfast cigar. A fantastic 90 minute cigar. Solid 94 in my view. Definitely need to find a box now.
  6. We are in Tenerife for a small family holiday, popped into the La Casa here and had a mini stock up. The R&J box had four each of the new cigars. Really looking forward to trying them.
  7. I thought these looked familiar. Recently picked a couple up to try. Couldn’t quite stretch to a box at UK prices though. Am looking forward to trying them, Juan Lopez have become a firm favourite.
  8. My son (nine) is fascinated by my cigars and I hope one day will enjoy them like I do. I have double Montecristo A coffin from 2002 which I am saving for when he is old enough to enjoy a smoke with me. We often open the box and have a look at them. I keep meaning to buy a 2012 box for him, so that I can either gift them to him when he is old enough, or smoke them on his birthday.
  9. We will be in NY in August, so got tickets to see the Mets play the Braves whilst we are there. Really looking forward to it.
  10. I had a lucky escape from Sepsis six weeks ago and it did make me think that I really do need to some estate planning and what will I do with my cigars. I had originally planned to gift the whole lot to a friend, but he sadly died about 18 months ago and the collection has grown a fair bit too. Certainly time to do some planning so that MrsB knows what to do, who to contact etc.
  11. Glad you finally found us Jack! Welcome. 😀

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