SLR Pacificos MOS JUL 09 FFR

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I had a hard time deciding between this and a BBF. This won out because I had a BBF about 3 weeks ago and I wanted to see how they're doing almost 10 years in.


V cut and cold draw is vegetal with hay.


1st draw starts out with floral notes and cloves. amazingly, 2nd draw gives berries and coffee. 3rd draw brings wood notes and continues with berry tartness. so 3 draws in and im getting all this transition and im glad i picked this for tonight. past the initial euphoria, the transitions settle down and im left with a smooth smoke with fruit berry notes taking over the forefront and coffee and wood bring up the back.


2nd third and the coffee comes back but it is a light milk coffee. the fruit has subsided a bit but leaves the tartness. oak comes in and out.


last 3rd the fruit becomes more peach centric. theres a very light creamy undertone. its almost like peaches and cream. towards the end of the cigar, tbe fruit fades and im left with smooth velvety cream.


ive probably had about 10 of these from the box and this is the best one ive had so far. the transition and flavor interplay, smooth silky smoke was a great start to my weekend smokes. im now torn between smoking these now and saving them for longer aging.


have a great weekend everyone.8d6d4a2b78e44ce5ffdb93e4d9e70ebe.jpg8d7e0b06b5aa5760d93cefd087f065b5.jpgfb86c6c0d0c749357121a9dc9e72fa7c.jpg


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I agree, they get better every time I smoke a new one. They were one of the first boxes that I purchased on here. I have only 7 left now, so they have become a special cigar for me that I only plan on smoking once a year or so.

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