Video : The last cigar factory in Tampa keeps rolling

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The factory is the last of it's kind in the USA. They are doing all they can to hang on and stay afloat. As we know, the powers that be in Washington DC have other ideas.

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Looks like a lovely rolling facility done the old way in the US. Hopefully it never changes or folds. It would be a fantastic place to tour.

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I drove past Ybor city on the way to Tampa in 2016 but we didn't have time to stop.

I brought the kids (13 and 15) to a cigar factory in Havana two weeks ago.

Their reactions were, "I thought factories had machines in them!" and "This is a sweat-shop!"

To the "sweat-shop" comment I asked him, do the people here look stressed or happy in their job? 

This was a factory that does not normally do tours so staff are not "trained how to behave" for tourists and everybody was having a laugh while at their work.


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Totally different process than Cuba but very interesting and I wish them well. If most nc factories use a similar process that would explain the difference between Cuban and non-Cuban consistency.

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