Anejados? can tobacco overheat/damage in collective fermentation?

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I know very little about the process, or exactly what went on with the Anejados fermentation specifically, but it got me wondering.   Can lengthy periods of collective fermentation in barrels or pilons actually fatigue or burn out tobacco?  

With any kind of natural material decomposition (much like compost)  there is heat generated.   Could over ageing in pilons actually cause negative affects as opposed to positive?

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1 minute ago, Fugu said:

Sure, that is why it is controlled so tightly.

But the "Anejados"-program is not aged tobacco. It is aged sticks! (purportedly ;))

There sure is a lot of suspicion and doubt about the anejados line!  My only experience has been with the Partagas corona gorda. Very good I thought but not worth the premium. 

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1 hour ago, Derboesekoenig said:

As I understand it, the extra fermentation is only for maduro, EL, reserva, gran reserva.

*Ah ya beat me to it!

  I could be wrong but I think the only cigars that undergo a specific extra fermentation are supposedly all Cohiba (In special barrels). Maduro leaf just undergoes a different process (Which is again supposedly a different one to general NC maduro processing)

  Everything else is just aged tobacco, while the ELs wrappers sometimes get something what I think is akin to a maduro processing but no idea what nowadays, the fireproof wrappers seem to be gone but the same 'EL' flavour is around

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16 minutes ago, crking3 said:

Still haven’t had an anejado

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I also have not, would be interested in picking up a sampler of say, 2 of each if that were  ever available.

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