Cohiba lancero glue question

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20 hours ago, crking3 said:

I think there is a way to remove it ...I think@eljavi76 mentioned something to me about removing white marks somehow the other day, but can’t recall ....

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Yeah Ray... I've had mold before and the easy fix is grain alcohol. Odorless. Tasteless. It won't affect the cigar. Grab a handful of Qtips and just dab the ends in the grain alcohol and swab those marks/mold away. 

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22 hours ago, ohbob976 said:

Hey all. Box of lanceros arrived last week, was just wondering if these glue marks are relatively common or not.



20 hours ago, ohbob976 said:

i took them out and put them back in like that.


Sheesh!, Bill is that you?  :o

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Very interesting - the marks are relatively in the same spot, and of the same shape (almost like a tobacco leaf). This would make me think that it happened after applying the bands (I'd hope so, for the sake of QC). Does the bottom layer of cigars in the box have the same marks?

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