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  1. Restaurant prices are up but so are the meat prices at the grocery store. Sometimes it seems to make just as much sense to go to a restaurant if I'm not drinking. One restaurant manager told me he's now losing money on food and making it up on beverages.
  2. I bought my son a box of CoRos with his birth month. I know they're pricy now but I can only imagine what they will be worth in 20 years. Cohibas will likely increase in value and have a high likelihood of being marketable in the future. I view it as a gift - if he doesn't want them, he'll likely be able to sell them (hopefully not for meth). A buddy of mine got my son an 18-year old bottle of scotch to age for the next 18 years as well. It's even inscribed with a thoughtful message on the bottle.
  3. Smoked a nobles a couple weeks ago. Too young to say.
  4. I'm told that they still work in areas of high humidity, only not as well. Color me skeptical but I'd love to have someone convince me otherwise.
  5. I have a screened in patio with tall walls on all four sides, so not much breeze. In the summertime here in Florida, a fan isn't enough to do the trick. Every year I've considered purchasing a swamp cooler to keep a small area cool outside (maybe 400 sq ft). Has anyone had success with these? Any recommendations? I looked at a Big Ass Fans version (its fans are awesome) but the company's poor return policy has prevented me from purchasing.
  6. When did the packaging change? I recently received the box below:
  7. I used a 560 cfm fan for my build. You can see details and others' opinions here:
  8. Never had random people in your house? Cleaners, contractors, dog walkers, new babysitters, etc?
  9. I love ‘em but I’ve definitely had a few that were pretty flat flavor wise.
  10. Great question. I’d have to think about it a little bit but I smoked a ‘17 talisman last week that’s hands down the worst cigar I’ve had in years. Would say it’s fake even, but I got it from our host so I know that’s not true. I tried to find redeeming qualities but it was absolutely awful no matter the price. runner up: every cigar I’ve had out of a fonseca #1 box. (‘16 box; smoked 12 including one recently. All awful.)
  11. Interesting story...I'll give you the brief version: My wife went to see an endocrinologist who thinks the vaccine may have triggered an autoimmune disorder. "There's so much about this vaccine we don't know."

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