Montecristo Sublime 2008, Stil Mediocre after all these years

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Last night it was our Cigar Club Christmas Party. I wanted to pick a great cigar that I had not tried in a while. I remember when I bought a box of Montecristo Sublimes back in 2008, the cigars had a lot of soft spots, they constantly went out and it was just not a very pleasant Smoke. So I still had 6 of these on my humidor that I was wishing they would get better. Maybe some age would help. But that was not the case. It's a shame I did not take any pictures. The cigar burned very badly, it was all over the place, I had to relight it, at least 20 times. And while trying to keep it lit, it became a hot smoke. At the end I left like a quarter of this habano, not worth trying to relight it every couple of minutes. 

This reminds me of my Swiss Father in law that used to buy Cheap Bottles of wine that were on sale at COOP, and thought that a 5 CHF bottle of wine would turn into a 200 CHF bottle of wine, and this was not the case, since he ended up with Red Wine Vinegar. With this Montecristo 2008 Limited Edition Sublime, was the same thing, maybe the taste got a Little better after 10 years of age. But I just hate to keep on relighting a Cigar over and over again and the constant puffing in order for the cigar not to go out, you end up with a headache. 

I still have 5 of these Habanos left, next time I smoke one I will try to get the RH down to below 60, and se if this helps at all. Since I had these at 68RH, and will see if this makes a difference. 


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17 hours ago, havanaclub said:

If they had a lot of soft spots it sounds like you got a bad box unfortunately.

Yeah, uneven construction/bunching can only be mitigated so much- I don't think a lower RH will help a lot, unfortunately. It might be best to just take them apart and smoke the tobacco in a pipe. Good luck improving them!

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Early boxes were good, and I mean early. Pre-released were incredible. The rest really sucked to me. It seemed they made an endless supply. They were sold forever, and I truly believe these were and are still overhyped. Then again, I could say this about so many of the LE’s over the years. 

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