Too cold to smoke in Taiwan - have to settle for fondling my cigars

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It is so cold in Taiwan I have been forced to settle for a little cuddle time or fondling my cigars... I worry that this is might be habit forming. Living in the States I never had this problem, we'd go to the local cigar bar. While we have quite a few here, it's just not as convenient. 

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32 minutes ago, ha_banos said:

Lol. Your welcome to come swap with the UK for now! emoji23.png?

Lot's to like about the UK, the weather is not one of those things. LoL.

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3 hours ago, Diabolicalpherpher said:

It’s all relative.  I would take the temps  in Taiwan in a heart beat right now. But come late spring, summer, and fall, you keep your 100% humidity and 100 degree + temps, no thank you.

Nah humidity isn't that high... OK so maybe it is as "feels like" temps are often in the 40 - 45 range, while the actual temp is rarely over 38. I really like it, feels like you are walking through a sauna!

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9 hours ago, wolfain said:

Taiwan is at 11c today. That’s too cold? What’s the. Try smoking at -5c

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That’s shorts and sandals weather for me! MAYBE a sweatshirt.

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