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  1. For Cubans you might have to get to Paris La civette is a good one there.
  2. Montecristo no 2 short hdm epicure 2 siglo 1 siglo 4 trinidad Reyes cohiba robusto Partagas Short
  3. Same here, I don’t look back once it’s in the humidor but I only buy two of the expensive kind one to try it out and one to age.
  4. What I consider my cigar lifestyle is bieng around friends and family while enjoying a good smoke. The cool cars, watches and others are what kills it for me.
  5. I’m still in Cancun till tomorrow but did stop at lcdh here. The price are double plus. They did have a decent selection, the done side is you can’t see the date codes as it’s covered in that huge gov sticker to stop smoking. I ended buying 6 sticks and believe I ended up with a fake siglo 6 due to the inconsistency in the band. My wife liked the mojito but also a premium price. Anymore questions pm me.
  6. I visited LCDH Cancun and here are my thoughts. Very nice place with somewhat friendly people. The lady staff I spoke to was not knowledgeable about cigars enough to sale it to tourist ymmv. The humidor was off a good size and plenty of vintage and normal sticks, the price now was shocking to me I would call it the “double prices plus” again was explained they have a high tax on CC. I ended up just walking out walking out with 5 sticks and amongst those 5 was a fake cohiba siglo 6 (blaming the wife she rushed me out of there) if u look at the head it bleeds over to the white part and the top halograms are shorter than the bottom one. I’m headed back there today to see if they will correct this. All in all nice place to get a stick but not to stock up in my opinion.
  7. Worst: RnJ short Churchill picked up along with 6 other in Paris. Worse draw with little to no flavor. Ended up not finishing it due to the bitterness. Best: Partagas d 4 (2015).
  8. What I found most helpful for me was when I’m tasting a new stick to not pair it with anything but water. Also very helpful to smoke with someone who has a developed palate and describe back and forth the taste you are getting you will be amazed what you are tasting and can’t put a descriptor to it.
  9. I like being at the ground level and my private club offers that with plenty of windows and a nice patio place.

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