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  1. I won't buy any more Cohiba. The Cohiba I have is regular production. I doubt i'd auction them, though it's tempting. These will just be special occasion cigars/cigars I save to smoke with my three boys when they are old enough.
  2. Lots of good suggestions in this thread. There is no shortage of cigars that are palatable for someone who gravitates toward CCs these days. Just look at what @El Presidentewas able to do with the nudies line. Check out: Illusione, Warped, Aganorsa Leaf, Casdagli, Foundation, Cavalier, Tatuaje, Lampert, Davidoff, Byron, Atabey, Smoking Jacket. I love Cuban tobacco and nothing can replace it, but there are definitely fantastic cigars in your wheelhouse that you can sprinkle into your rotation.
  3. This is like that question: "When is the right time to plant a tree?" The best time was 10 years ago and the next best time is right now. 😆
  4. Back when I had a Newair I used the AC Infinity MULTIFAN S3, Quiet 120mm USB Fan. Ran the cable out of the drain hole in the Newair. Pretty sure I had to cut and re-splice the power cord, but it was a piece of cake. I wasn't interested in replacing batteries, so this is the route I went.
  5. First off -- you have an amazing cigar collection! I would be concerned about my babies too if I was you. 😍 I think we need some more information before we can narrow down your issue. 1. Is your walk-in in the basement? If so, what is the ambient temp/RH in the basement outside of your walk in? Does this fluctuate during the year? 2. Was your walk-in built with vapor barrier during construction to seal the environment within? 3. I'm not an expert on the AC unit you are using, but usually an air conditioner will be removing moisture from the air as it condenses on the cooling plates. Does this unit have a drain or drip pan? 4. Were your higher RH readings on the upper shelves? Moist air rises so you are going to have stratification of your RH levels without circulation fans. If your humidifiers are on the floor where the drier air sits you compounding the problem. I have my RH probe 3/4 of the way up the back wall of my unit to mitigate. I think answering some of these questions might get us a little further in figuring out why you are finding spots with such high humidity.
  6. I think you’ve already pointed to the fact that NCs tend to work with tobacco that has aged longer before it hits the shelves. This’ll I’ve also believe (correct me if I’m wrong) some NC operations have developed techniques to speed certain parts of the tobacco curing/aging process. Those two areas may account for something. Most NCs I smoke are more “ready to smoke” than the Cubans I buy. There is a lot of subjective reasons people may also have this perception. NCs tend toward a body and flavor level that is much more full than CCs. Maybe the perceived drop off is steeper for NCs for this reason as well? Perhaps fans of CCs appreciate subtlety that comes from aging? Personally, I can enjoy a 20 year old NC Davidoff no problem. So I’d tend toward believing the perception on aging NCs or CCs is subjective.
  7. Awesome project. I initially wanted to make my own, but had to be honest with myself. Hope this gives you great satisfaction, it has been fun to watch from afar.
  8. I'd do a quick search of the forum here, there are reviews and info on the current US based cabinet makers from people who have ordered from them.
  9. Your humidity will stratify in any cabinet. I would expect your RH to be highest on top, but this might be a function of how long your cigars/boxes have been in and resting. You can get a fan and attempt to equalize the RH across your shelves. Back when I had wineadors I used a fan and it did bring the spread closer together, but didn't eliminate it completely. I prefer my cubans closers to the 62% mark, so in your case i'd probably put my cubans low and my NCs high. Personally, I'd just find a range that you're comfortable with and forget about it.
  10. That price hike is no joke. FWIW — I have not noticed any I’ll effects to my cigars from increased temps in the summer time. I have the Vigilant Armoire 2000. I just pull the humidification unit out in the summer and use large Boveda packs to keep the humidity down. (No AC in the home) Northwestern Michigan

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