next time you are out on a sporting field...

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there has been a bit of rain up north of late. this is a pic of one of the local footy fields.


in case you are wondering, that pontoon looking thing tied to one of the goalposts, is a croc trap.

it is possible that those darker shadows in the water behind it are crocs but not sure of that. still, they didn't put it there for entertainment.



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6 hours ago, 99call said:

Would you say this is currently the best incisive attacking option you have?

Yeah, can't we train the sharks to have at it with the crocs? :thinking: 

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2 minutes ago, PuffDaddie said:

Trapers make a good living killing gaters plus the meat is very tastie.

the big salties are protected now. well, all salties. nearly killed to extinction but have rebounded and now causing real problems. apparently, they do not understand that they are not supposed to go near human habitation and are not supposed to eat us (tourists acceptable, locals not so much).

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